New Years Resolution 2009

Hello all, and Happy New Year!  This year is barely moments old, and we are already jazzed about what we will be accomplishing at the Community-Driven Institute in the year ahead!

From all the planning work we did during the holiday week, our resolution for the Institute became very clear: We must remain focused on what is possible for communities around the world.

It is easy to get sucked into the murky land of problem-solving, and the sink-hole of day-to-day means. Instead, we want to stay focused on the ends. We want all our work to be vision-based first, and then choose means that align with that vision.

And what is our vision? Healthy, vibrant, resilient, humane communities creating an equally healthy, vibrant, resilient and humane world. That picture of what is possible is where we will be aiming everything we do.

It is that vision that will determine what values we will model to the world, to be sure we are being the change we want to see. Our vision will guide how we engage communities. It will be one more strength upon which we build all the systems we are building.

The energizing part of keeping that vision front-of-mind at all times is that we know that image is possible as a practical objective.  It is possible, simply because it is not impossible. As for practical, we will be spending this year much as we spent our time on the Community-Driven Tour – teaching  how to make visionary community change practical and doable.

That combination of possibility and practicality all starts with keeping our eye on the prize – our vision for a better world.

And so that is our vow for 2009. We will tether everything we do to the ultimate vision of building an extraordinary future for our communities and our world. That tether will guide us and carry us along.

As you consider the year ahead in your own work, what vision will be guiding you?  What future will you be creating for your community in 2009?

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