New Years Rock Out!

There are Mondays when we need a Rock Out to get us through the week. And if New Years Day is anything, it is the Monday of the year – the start of whatever is to come. This very special Rock Out is therefore dedicated to the entirety of 2009.

I must confess that at the Community-Driven Institute, we are so excited about 2009, we can hardly contain ourselves!

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing The Pollyanna Principles. In the next few months, we will hold our first on-site classes for Community-Driven Consultants.

And throughout the whole year, we will be providing tons more opportunities to learn via teleclasses, listservs (yes, we still love good old-fashioned listservs!), via social media like Twitter and Facebook – and especially via live interaction in communities. And that’s just the beginning!

Everything we do this year will be focused on the singular objective of teaching the Community Benefit Sector how to create a more humane, vibrant, healthy resilient world.

With that vision in mind, what better way to welcome 2009 than to welcome you to the Library of Human Imagination.

Jay Walker, creator of (among other things), is the holder of more than 200 patents. He knows in every fiber of his being that unless something is scientifically impossible, it is absolutely possible. He knows that there is a vast difference between what is simply “unlikely” and what is truly impossible.

That sense of possibility is our wish for you in this year ahead. Let’s embrace what is possible, and let’s find every means we can to bring those possibilities to reality. It may be unlikely, but so was our having an African American president. So was our traveling to the moon.

This year, let’s reach for what is possible. If we are reaching together, we will have accomplished something extraordinary just in taking those first few steps.

To each and every one of you, our very warmest wishes for a New Year filled with life’s possibilities, and, more importantly, the willingness to embrace them when they show up at your door.

Photo credit: Me. “Millennium Sunset” was taken on New Years Eve 1999, the last sunset of the millennium.

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