Monday Morning Rock Out!

Welcome to the last Monday Morning Rock Out of 2008! And if ever there were a week where those of us in the Community Benefit Sector need a Rock Out, this is it!

Helping others in homeless shelters and food banks. Giving performances in nursing homes. Figuring out how to tackle the challenges our organizations face in a turbulent economy. And of course preparing for the holidays in our own homes.

We’re rushed and stressed. We’re eating at whatever fast food place is on our way to the next place. And that is precisely where we can find the opportunity to make everything ok…

Yes, this is the same group of guys who have become the hot item on Christmas specials all over TV – Straight No Chaser. This is who they were BEFORE they were a YouTube sensation / Atlantic Records dynamo. Regular guys singing in a fast food place.

If ever something screamed about the power of the arts to connect us with what is possible and what is important, these guys in sweatshirts at a fast food counter do just that.  The important part about art in our lives is not simply about the music – it is about our connection to that music, and the possibilities it holds. It’s not just about the guys doing the singing, but the folks behind the counter who are joyfully connecting with that singing.

Because art is not separate from life but simply the expression of life, that spirit of connectedness and possibility surrounds us, waiting for us to look up from our desks and our fears and notice it.

That connection to what is possible is there when we look beyond ourselves and out towards others. We can find it every day when we connect with our clients, our coworkers, our families. We can find it when we smile and joke with the stressed out person making minimum wage at the discount store. And unlike the quest for material wealth, the more we seek connection and possibility, the more we find it.

And so, as we begin to say goodbye to 2008 and head into the uncertainty of 2009, that spirit of connection and possibility is my wish for you. Stay connected to those who remind you that you are strong when you are feeling weak. Stay connected to those who remind you of what is possible. When all is said and done, that is what will make the difference this year – for your organization, and for yourself as well.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all.

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