Monday of Possibility

What will be possible for you this week?

As I dive into the final edits of The Pollyanna Principles, the peer review team and the volunteer proofreaders keep coming back to that one word – possibility.

“The book is a celebration of what is possible!” they tell me. “As you finish polishing the writing, make sure to keep that sense of possibility alive throughout.”

And so, I am consumed these days with that word – possibility. Whether I am working in the office, puttering in the garden, or falling asleep at night, the computer of my mind is working in the background, rephrasing sections of “Pollyanna” to be sure each passage celebrates what is possible.

As I took my walk this morning, it is therefore no surprise that my mind kept coming back to that word. Every time my meditation pulled me back to “now,” my mind would quickly sneak off to rework passages and pages.

Finally I asked my Monkey Mind, “You’re so keen on wandering away from the present, to focus on how to write about possibility? Then answer this: What is possible right now?

Walking in the quiet of Sunday morning, I looked down the normal suburban American street ahead of me. No limits, Hildy – what is possible right now?

And I laughed out loud as the street came alive.

A costumed man on a bejeweled horse could suddenly turn the corner, riding gallantly towards me.

A meteor could hit, just ahead of my next step.

A pair of bunnies could dance over to a family of quail, accompanied by the heavy metal sound of the cicadas. And together they could stare as I walked past, as if I were a lovely Disney princess.

All these things were absolutely possible. They might have been unlikely, but they were possible.

And that freed me to relax as I considered the message of the book – that the work we all want to do to change the world is not some pipe dream. It is possible.

A world where there is plenty and it is shared among us all.

A world where we live in harmony with the planet and with each other.

A community where neighbors smile and wave to each other, where people feel safe, healthy, alive.

A world where we encourage what is good in each other.

All that is possible, simply because it is not impossible.

As I walked, that is the world I saw. That is the world I feel responsible for creating. It is the world I try my best to serve. It is the world I am grateful to see examples of, every day, in small ways and big ways.

And it is the world that, in the reality of my morning walk (and not simply in my fantasy) included 2 bunnies hopping over to join a family of quail. They really did all stop to watch as I walked along my street. And they were absolutely accompanied by the heavy metal sound of the cicadas.

I was not dressed as a Disney princess. But it was possible.

What will be possible for you this week?

Photo credit: Howard Cheng via Wikimedia Commons

4 Responses to Monday of Possibility

  1. Hildy,

    I absolutely love this line: “All that is possible, simply because it is not impossible.” I will remember this on certain days where I feel like packing it all in. Changing the world is no small feat, but as you say, it’s not impossible.

    Thanks for putting things into perspective. 🙂

  2. Love this blog and your mind! I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a Disney princess outfit either — let’s say Mulan! She certainly understood the possible!

    Thanks for the emotional lift today. I needed it.

  3. LOL – thanks, Jeane! Truth be told, I’ve always admired Disney’s witches more than their princesses. Strong and bold, and they care not a lick that they have just increased in size by a magnitude of 100 or whatever other contortions feed the cause of kicking butt! Besides, at my age, princess costumes certainly wouldn’t fit like they used to…

    Thanks for making me smile!