A Joyful Gift

I promised myself I would not post anything until I finished the post I have been working on, to describe the incredible Family Financial Security Summit we facilitated last week in Reno, for the United Way of Northern Nevada.

But that was before this wonderful gift landed in my reader. It was given to me by one of my new favorite bloggers, Romina Oliverio, whose only-months-old blog at e-moleskining has become a light to which I look forward every time she posts.

It is at Romina’s blog that I first learned about Randy Pausch, whose Last Lecture she posted this past Sunday (along with great links about Randy’s work and life). And while this Last Lecture is a smidge over an hour long, if you cannot take that full amount of time, I urge you to load it on your screen, and watch it in chunks.

And to stress the point, I will be direct: click here and watch the video.

I guarantee you will feel the full breadth of joy that life is capable of providing to us, every day, every moment. It is a gift, and I thank Romina for sharing it, so I can share it with you.

Now I will get back to working on that post about the Summit. Some things, though, just jump out at you and near to scream, “Share this. Now.”

And so I am. Enjoy it, and please – pass it along.

Photo:  In memory of Randy’s spirit

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