The Fall

Perhaps this is Part Deux of this week’s Monday Morning Rock Out – focusing on what is possible. This weekend, I saw the breathtaking labor of love that is The Fall.

If you are like me, you often see a scene in a movie, marvel at its beauty, only to find it is computer generated. I’m not sure why that always disappoints me, but for me, part of the wonder of seeing some grand scene is knowing that such an incredible place is, in fact, real.

Perhaps that frustration is what motivated the director of The Fall – Tarsem Singh – to shoot this incredible visual masterpiece on location in 18 countries around the world. Every place you see in this stunningly beautiful film is real. And because shooting this film was not Tarsem’s day job (he does commercials for a living), he shot this sweeping canvas of images “on the side” over a four year period. Wow.

It is possible to reach for something no “sane” person would try. It is possible because one of the things that differentiates us humans from the rest of the animal world – our humanity, our true “human” nature – is that we can conceive of something that does not yet exist, and make it happen.

So if you need a shot of inspiration, go see The Fall. (And yes, the critics who say the story itself doesn’t live up to the imagery are correct. Consider it an inspirational evening at the art museum.)

And then consider what is possible in the world of change we all want to create in our communities. And let’s go make that happen.

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