Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday! And for those of us heading out to create the future of our communities, we may need a bit of a boost – something to remind us that every single day, we have the chance to do amazing things.

It is such fun to think that tomorrow, he will put on another clean pair of shoes and go find other parts of the world to see. And so inspiring to think that we can do the same!

But that is not why this song has been stuck in my head for weeks now. And it’s not because the chorus is so catchy, which it is.

It is instead a single line of that chorus that makes me stop each time I hear it.

“And when all’s been said and done,
The things that are given –
not won –
are the things that you’ve earned.”

Just typing those words makes me smile. It is not the things we battle to achieve that mark our success. It is the gifts we are given from the heart – unsolicited, unprompted – those are the things we have earned.


I cannot fathom that I have done something to earn all I am blessed with. Every time I hear that single line of lyrics, it makes me simultaneously smile and weep at all the many gifts I am given, every day.

I hope this week finds you equally blessed, as you head out to see your own part of the world.

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

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