We’re Back!

Hello all!

As you could tell from Monday’s Rock Out, we are back! There is much to tell, as we spent a full month on the road, all across California and Nevada.

Las Vegas to Reno to Santa Rosa to Sacramento to Santa Barbara to LA to Alpine to Fresno to Palm Springs, and then home. Makes me tired just to list it all! Truly, though, it was an amazing trip.

Now that we’re home, I am hoping to dive back into blogging. Here is just some of what I’m hoping to cover:

• “The Book.” Yes, the magnum opus will be released in the next several months, and we will be posting the initial chapters right here!

• New thoughts about how the community work we all do fits into the larger scheme of things. The economy. And the arts. And the Middle East. It’s all interconnected, and a month on the road provided time to consider that interconnectedness, even more than I normally do.

• Stories from the road – the many things we experienced and learned during the past month (including the joy of a hot stones massage – really!).

With all we have planned, I have a huge favor to ask of you:

Please invite a friend to sign up for the feed from Creating the Future.

My whole point in posting chapters from the book here at the blog is so folks will use those tools to change the world. And so, as we near the release date for the book, we want as many people as possible to be reading along.

So please, invite a colleague to read along with us. We are about to dive into the myriad possibilities we all have, every day, to create an extraordinary future for our communities.

P.S. Thanks to all who sent notes, to tell me you missed the blog in this past month. Each and every note made me smile.

Photo Credit: Dimitri!

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