Republicans and Debt

Ben Stein is no liberal. A speechwriter and attorney for Nixon and Ford, a devout believer in the legacy of Ronald Reagan, Stein writes a column in the Business Section of the NY Times as a Republican economist.

And that is why you will absolutely want to read this column, and send it to everyone you know.

Here is just a smidge of his amazing advice to John McCain re: tax cuts:

To put it even more starkly, the government – which is us – needs the money to keep old people alive, to pay for their dialysis, to build fighter jets and to pay our troops and pay interest on the debt. We can get it by indenturing our children, selling ourselves into peonage to foreigners, making ourselves a colony again, generating inflation – or we can have some integrity and levy taxes equal to what we spend.

Thank you, Mr. Stein, for sharing what no candidate will ever share – the Tax Cut Emperor has no clothes.

3 Responses to Republicans and Debt

  1. I’d love to see a party that wasn’t about more taxes or less taxes but better use of the taxes that are currently collected.

    Thanks for bringing tis article by Ben.


  2. Steve – wow – your note brings a million things to mind. I’d love to see a party that… Anyone care to add to Steve’s wish list? The list in my head is already getting started!

  3. I’ve been a Ben Stein fan since “Bueller…Bueller…” His dry humor strikes just the right chord to keep me laughing for hours.

    The first step should be a re-examination of the phrase

    the government – which is us – needs the money to…

    It’s time to establish exactly what services we expect the federal government to provide for us that we cannot provide for ourselves.

    To a certain extend, I agree with Steve. Yet at the same time… We have an implied contract with my Father’s generation to provide a just-barely-over-poverty level income from age 65+.

    However, as a mere 40-year old man with a family, I have no expectation of ever receiving any return on my (negatively amortized) FICA “investment.”

    So, I’ll be happy to write off (and claim as a loss) any and all Social Security contributions made to date.

    All I ask is that my elected representatives cease and desist from using my family’s income as their own personal vote-buying slush fund.

    I’m all for a more libertarian approach beginning with those of my generation and moving forward into the future.