Eli Stone!

Eli Stone is finally premiering on Thursday night, January 31, and we are celebrating with a coming out party! I want my friends around, so we can toast together to this simple fact: Creators of original works ROCK! (We will keep the picket sign from Dimitri’s union days handy, to show our solidarity with the writers.)

ABC had included Eli Stone (which stars, among others, the handsome and talented Victor Garber) in its mid-season replacement line-up, before they knew they would have to replace every show they air. And from what I can see from the previews, this one is a find, strike-induced dearth of great lines or not.

The first tv show I can recall that, as an adult, I would not miss was Northern Exposure (just seeing that moose still makes me smile!). I want quirky and poignant and funny and lyrical, and yes, even some singing and dancing – all in one. I want to be entertained, not by watching members of some dysfunctional family go at each other, and not by watching people kill or maim or deceive each other. I want to be entertained by originality and whimsy and joy.

So tune in to ABC on the 31st. Have a party if you can, and celebrate creativity.

Then go light a candle for a screen-writer.

4 Responses to Eli Stone!

  1. The only show I would not miss as an adult was Northern Exposure. My family knew not to call. I would dance wildly around the living room like a FOOL to the theme music. ( favorite episode? founding sisters of the town for me) I smile to imagine gathering a community planning meeting in Cecily!

  2. Oh wow – can you imagine such a meeting?!? Thank you so much for that image – I will be playing with that in my head all day today, I just know it!

  3. Our office manager, Erin, was just a kid when Northern Exposure first aired. She told me her mother would let her stay up late, just to watch the moose. I wonder if the creators of that show had any idea the power of that moose!! HG