Organizational Potential

Here’s what I’ve been pondering lately: How can we encourage individuals and organizations to be the very best they can be?

I’ve been considering this a lot, as I consider what it means to be of service. And I keep thinking the issue of encouraging potential is at the very heart of service. Isn’t the highest service I can provide to anyone or anything to help them be their very best?

When I meet a new organizational leader who is telling me about their work, I see that best person and best project before me. And that excites me! And then MY excitement excites THEM! And then all we both see is potential, and it’s GREAT! If we were little kids, we would do a happy dance right there at the conference table!

Have you all found that, too, or is it just me? And what is it you are doing when that happens? And how do we incorporate that into all our work as we head into this new year?

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