Monday Morning Rock Out!

For this particular Monday Morning, I thought the best holiday gift would be a Rock Out that is NOT a holiday tune. We all have enough of that by simply turning on the radio or going into any store at this time of year, even just for groceries.

So this Monday’s Rock Out is a gift from my past, something that makes me smile when I think about it. And I’ve been thinking about it for more than 20 years!

The first music video that made an impression on me was shown as a “short” – sort of like a warm-up band, prior to the main feature at a movie theater. And the movie? Back to the Future. It is hard to believe that was over 20 years ago.

Every time I hear A-Ha‘s “Take On Me” on the radio – not that one hears it often, which makes it even more special – it brings back the feeling of “WOW!” I had the first time I saw the video.

A driving backbeat AND nostalgia? How better to start the insanity that will be this week-before-Christmas!?

In the pre-internet days of the 80’s, if you found a video you loved, you couldn’t just click online to watch it over and over. You saw it, you loved it, you hoped perhaps you would catch it on MTV (if you had cable and if it was in their rotation), and otherwise, that was that – it lived in your memory.

And my memory is precisely where this video lived for me, for all this time. Finding it on You Tube was such a gift!

So this week, as you try to get through the madness that is “The Week Before Christmas,” consider the small gifts – like finding a video you once loved on You Tube. Those are the joys that make every day a holiday. (Hint – they will be the same kinds of gifts we included in our list of Holiday Gifts for a Better World.)

Have a great week, and a great end-of-year, all!

Need more Rock Out to get started this week?

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  1. Christopher – Thanks for letting us know – it looks like a terrific topic! Could you explain for our readers here at Creating the Future what the “Giving Carnival” is? Hildy

  2. Of course!

    The “Giving Carnival” is a monthly feature that different nonprofit bloggers host. Basically, we post a couple of questions on a topic related to fundraising, and ask other bloggers and nonprofit leaders to submit their view, opinions, and thoughts.

    Here is a link to the November Giving Carnival,

    Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

    Christopher S.