Monday Morning Rock Out!

As a writer myself, I have always assumed the world simply could not exist without writers – that without Homer’s telling us so, dawn’s rosy fingers would never bring us the light of day. These days, with the Writers Guild strike, I know that is true. The screenwriters have stopped my world.

As a serious movie junkie, I confess just the opposite about TV. Normally, the TV in my house is on for only 30 minutes a day. And so these days, at about the same time every day, my dog is growing accustomed to my longing cries for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

My cries became sorrowful moans last week. Without Jon Stewart, how are we supposed to deal with the news about Iran? What is the point in the absurdity, the irony, the “I told you so” so many of us have felt – that US war cries against Iran were as ridiculously misplaced as US war cries against Iraq had been? Without our nightly dose of The Daily Show, the patent absurdity of the nightly news is just – well -depressing!

So in homage to the writers who entertain us and keep us sane, I bring you this week’s Rock Out. No, it doesn’t have a beat to speak of. But it is a message from the very writers whose words have been silent lately.

Oh what fun to see David Cross being ridiculous in something other than boxed reruns of Arrested Development! Sing to me, oh muse – of anything, please!

Last week, as deadlines mounted, I took off to the movies, to see Once, the beautiful gift of a film about the perfect love of two musicians (and oh the music is GREAT!).

A few weeks prior, after a way-too-full day of being “on” – doing workshops and speeches and consulting – we snuck off to see Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie (which, BTW, is a very sweet testimony to the things a community can do together that no one can do alone. Talk about Community Engagement!)

During the Civil War, Lincoln could almost always be found at the Ford Theater, watching a play to let his mind escape for a bit.

Those who entertain us deserve our thanks as we head into this week of Creating the Future. They help us create our future, and are now creating their own. To all of them I say, “Rock on, and Godspeed!”

(If you are new to the Monday Morning Rock Out, you can find previous Rock Outs here – and I promise, they are a bit more Rockin’! Enjoy!)

Photo credit:Â Dimitri!

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