Plagiarism Update

Some of you may recall that a few months back I wrote about our Help 4 NonProfits site being plagiarized. Now that the issue has been resolved, I wanted to share the whole story, which I had not been able to do previously.

For those of you with original content on the web, please read this now, and protect yourself this updated article will be helpful to you.  (Also, to protect yourself, head to – great service!)

2 Responses to Plagiarism Update

  1. Hildy,

    What an amazing story. To think a professional educator would simply steal your work and claim it for himself. Very disheartening.

    I am very impressed with the manner in which you handled the whole episode. Firmness but with grace. And the journal editor’s article was also impressive.

    Chalk up one for the good guys (gals)!

    Ron Miller
    Ricmond, VA.