Gone Writing

Well it’s time to confess that if I spend time blogging, I won’t get this book done. So for the next few weeks, the blog won’t be doing much. If I find something interesting, I will share, for certain, but for now, finishing this book will take my full attention.

Good news is the book will be out in the next few months. Much like this blog, its purpose is to answer the question: Why has this sector not changed the world, and how can we? I am hoping to publish at least the first few chapters here on the blog, as soon as it is released.

I’ll be back to regular blogging soon. Till then, please check out some of the Tools to Use Now posts and start encouraging people to use those tools, ok? Making visionary change practical does not have to be as hard as folks think it is!

See you all in August – have a great few weeks! (Oh, and any and all words of encouragement, both private and public, are more than welcome as I face the home stretch…)

Read Hildy’s Healthcare Manifesto here.

3 Responses to Gone Writing

  1. Hildy,
    Write like the wind! I’ll miss your posts, but look forward to the new book.

  2. Hi Hildy, With your OK, I would like to share the 11 ways funders can avoid competition with a focus group I am participating in this week. I think it will help a lot of funders if we can spread the word. Thanks!

  3. Jacque:
    Thanks, that would be terrific! As with everything at this site and our Help 4 NonProfits site, we want folks to share – just please attribute (you can tell I am still smarting from a nasty bout with plagiarism – more details soon, I promise).

    Marcia: Thanks for the well-wishes. I am inspired to get done and get back to work!