Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday – time to get to work creating the future of our communities! Are you ready? Excited? Can’t wait to get started?

Or is this particular Monday morning feeling just a bit daunting? If so, we have the remedy!

This Monday’s Rock Out comes from one of the readers / viewers here at Creating the Future, Tracey Sisson. Tracey knows that some Mondays, we could all use someone to say, “It’s ok – we’re all in this together.”

So grab some coffee, and here’s a hug and a smile, from Tracey Sisson and the Monday Morning Rock Out!

Is it any surprise Free Hugs was given You Tube’s 2006 Most Inspirational Video Award?

But here IS the surprise: The petition drive in the video – it was in response to the fact that the originator of Free Hugs – Juan Mann (a pseudonym, and a great one at that!) – was indeed told to cease and desist, as he had not obtained liability insurance worth $25 million – for giving hugs on the sidewalk!

Thanks to the petition, hugs are back on track – and not just in Australia, where Free Hugs started. Click here and check out a video of some of the many other places where Free Hugs has taken off. Or check out the list and other info about Free Hugs at Wikipedia.

As we do our work at the Community-Driven Institute, one of our guiding assumptions is that we are all interconnected and interdependent, whether we acknowledge that or not, and whether we think we are all in competition or not. So maybe what this sector needs is its own version of the Free Hugs campaign!

You can give it a try today – reach out to someone you think you are competing with – perhaps a “competing” organization that cares about the very same things you care about. Make a date to go to lunch, to talk about how you can work more closely together, to create an incredible future for your community.

You don’t have to give them a real hug, but make the call. And think of those Free Hugs as you do.

Have a great Monday, and a great week, all!

(If you find a video you think might work for the Rock Out, let us know!)

(If you are new to the Monday Morning Rock Out, you can find previous Rock Outs here – enjoy!)

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