Monday Morning Rock Out!

It’s Monday morning, and if we’re going to do what we can to create an amazing future for our communities, we may need a bit of inspiration to go with that extra cup of coffee!

While this week’s Rock Out doesn’t exactly have a rockin’ beat, it is 5 minutes that will make you smile and nod and say, “Well of course!”

Talk about creating the future! Talk about everything that is our most human of human potential!

So here’s this week’s challenge: Can you consider that those organizations that “compete” with yours are, in fact, just like you? That they care about the same things, want the same things, fear the same things? Perhaps it’s time to get all the “competing” crisis shelters and poverty organizations and arts groups together, and have them make faces into the camera!

Have a great Monday, and a great week all!

If you want to learn more about the Face2Face project, head to their website. What a great effort!

(If you are new to the Monday Morning Rock Out, you can find previous Rock Outs here – enjoy!)

2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. Kudos go to my daughter, the photographer, who found this one. But then again, that connection is what so much of your own photography is about, Jeane! (For those who don’t know Jeane’s work, check it out here: