Monday Morning Rock Out!

This week, the Monday Morning Rock Out brings you a magic word! Yes, that’s right – this is a word you can use when the forces-that-be try to convince you that creating a better world is impossible, futile, silly.

When that happens (and it may not be a person who tries to distract you – it may be the pile on your desk), just take a deep breath, think about the future you know you are creating with every action you take, and say the word immortalized in one of my daughter’s favorite songs of all time!

So when you are out there, aiming at making the world an amazing place, and people just don’t understand, stare them in the eye, take a deep breath, and say, “Mahnahmuhnah!”

(And my apologies ahead of time if you can’t get this tune out of your head all day.)

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

If you are new to the Monday Morning Rock Out, you can find previous Rock Outs here – enjoy!

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