Monday Morning Rock Out!

Some weeks we wonder if we can just juggle what is right in front of us, never mind creating the future. But what if we could juggle all of it, present and future and then some, while singing and drumming and feeling so fine!?

Those of us who remember the 2-sided world of vinyl will recall how easy it is to sing and drum along to the 2nd side of Abbey Road. Chris Bliss reminds us that it’s one thing to just keep all those balls in the air, but quite another to let the rhythm guide your work!

We can all add one more ball to the mix, when we know the result will be something this amazing – and what can be more amazing than the future we are creating?

Have a great Monday and a great week, all!

If you are new to the Monday Morning Rock Out, you can find previous Rock Outs here – enjoy!

(And thanks to Dimitri, who found this incredible way to start the week, as he himself has been juggling for physical therapy!)

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