Monday Morning Rock Out!

A whole new week and a whole new future to create. For such work, we will need some extra coffee and some rock & roll – yes, indeed – a Monday Morning Rock Out! Grab some java and check it out – The Who never sounded this good!

We are indeed creating the future, with every step we take. 40 years from now, when I am 90 like that lead singer, what future do I want to have created for myself? Hope I die before I get old – hogwash! We can accomplish a ton in 40 years – so let’ss get started!

Happy Monday, all!

(And thanks to Gayle Roberts for posting this video on her blog, which is where we found it.)

2 Responses to Monday Morning Rock Out!

  1. Hi Hildy,

    Thanks so much for the shout out and welcome to blogosphere. We need more voices of experienced community organizers and inspirational women here online.

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