Interconnected and Interdependent

One of the core assumptions underlying our Community-Driven work is that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Today was one of those days that reminded me of that at every turn. The shootings, of course – how could that not. But then the rest of the day as well.

Spending the evening with my mother on her 83rd birthday, listening to the joy in her voice as she listed everyone who had called and emailed her today, to wish her well. One of those people was Dimitri’s dad, 83 himself and living in a nursing facility. And Dimitri told me his dad felt so good when he got off the phone. “She sounded so happy I called!” His dad was in a good mood from there on, just from having made that call, that connection.

We accomplish so much together that we cannot accomplish apart. We find such joy in each other, such peace.

And to build off Naava’s comments on my post about prescribing, perhaps that is where the safety lies. We won’t find safety only in ourselves, but in others. And the safer we make sure everyone is, the safer we are ourselves. It’s not about us individually, but about the connections, the interdependence. And contrary to what some powers-that-be would have us believe, there is no safety in some being safe while others are not. There is only safety in our all being safe, together. When others are not safe, neither are we.

So what does that mean for the sector? What does it mean for building a better future? I have my thoughts, but what have you seen that gives you hope for building this sector’s work on our interconnectedness and interdependence?

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