My First Blog Post!

Hello, all!

This is my first post on a blog, any blog, forget it being my own blog. Dimitri and others (yes, that’s you, Jon!) have been urging me to do a blog for a long time now, and I have resisted – strongly, vociferously – and for a long time. It just didn’t seem I was the blogging type.

So why now? As will surprise no one who knows me, the reason is in a story. This memory popped into my head during my walk to the office a few weeks back, and I have not been able to get it from my mind since.

When I was just out of college, my neighbor’s yard and mine were separated by a chain link fence. Our dogs could see each other all day long, and they so badly wanted to play together.

So here’s what those dogs did: They dug a little tunnel under the fence, just deep enough to put a toy in. From then on, Hallie would grab the toy, run around the yard with it for a while, and then she would pass the toy under the fence to Beau, who would grab the toy, and run around his own yard with it. Then Beau would put the toy in the tunnel, and Hallie would play, and so on.

Those two found a way to connect, despite all human intervention to the contrary!

Something made me remember that while I was walking that day, and that was when I realized – we are having such a blast building the Community-Driven Institute, and the book I am writing about all the approaches we have been developing is going so well, and I’m so excited about it all.

And that’s when it hit me. It’s time we passed the ball under the fence, to you all, so we can all play with that great stuff together!

So that’s what this blog will attempt to do. I have no idea if it will be successful at accomplishing it, but that’s my goal – that we share the joy of the work we are doing, and that you share your own stuff with us as well.

I’m looking forward to your joining in the fun. Because I know these toys will be far more fun when we have someone else to play with!


3 Responses to My First Blog Post!

  1. More than happy. Happy for you. This will be a cool adventure. I’m excited to see what happens. At least one of my current favorite books was written when the authors published each chapter on a blog first. Most chapters changed little. Some changed a lot. And the final book included all of this interaction in a compelling read. Now, full disclosure: the book was about blogging. So maybe it doesn’t count. Then again, maybe it does…

  2. This is my first ever comment on a blog so it seems fitting that it be on your blog, Hildy. Congratulations on taking this bold new step. And, how appropriate that it be inspired by canines. You knew I would like that, didn’t you?

  3. Thanks, Jon – it will indeed be a cool adventure! And now I don’t have to say, “I’ll keep you posted!” because you will know it all!

    And of course, Mari, it would be about dogs. Nina would not have it any other way! (Of course Max is kitty-cat jealous, but so be it)

    And FYI, while Robin Brande’s book (see the post from 4/6) is about a far more serious topic, I will spoil no surprises by saying one cannot read her book without wanting a puppy so bad your heart hurts!