Writing: Creating the Future’s Theory of Change

Writing2You all have been part of this journey, encouraging me when the writing was flowing, encouraging me even more when it wasn’t going so well.

Well the weeks in front of the computer, writing and re-writing, and then completely re-outlining and re-writing again – that has finally paid off: 

One of the biggest, hardest pieces to write is finally in review draft form, asking for comments!

Now it is your turn:
I am hoping you will be part of the review team! You can download the paper here. You can also sign up there to get updates, to participate in making this seminal piece the best it can be.

There are not words enough to say how grateful I am for each of you. My best reward will be when you take what you find in that white paper, put it to use, and begin immediately bringing out the best in everyone around you.

On the Road: Northern Nevada

This autumn’s travel season began with a trip that was barely a gleam in anyone’s eye at the end of June. The note from Christy McGill asked this: What would it take to bring you and Dimitri to a grass roots local conference in Silver Springs, Nevada, to be the key note speakers to 200+…