It was so good, but it never got sent!

Oh dear readers, I am so sorry.

For some technically glitchy reason that we cannot figure out, yesterday’s Rock Out was never delivered to any of you who subscribe to this blog via email.

I love this video so much, though, and I really want you to see it. So please link here to the blog and watch this week’s Rock Out video.

It inspired me and moved me deeply. I hope it does the same for you.

Listening as Love: Monday Morning Rock Out!

The holidays are a time for giving. And for rushing our buns off trying to get everything done. And for spending time with family. And for making ourselves crazy. What the holidays are not usually about: slowing down, listening deeply to those around us, bringing out the best in each other (and ourselves), and giving from…

On the Road: Northern Nevada

This autumn’s travel season began with a trip that was barely a gleam in anyone’s eye at the end of June. The note from Christy McGill asked this: What would it take to bring you and Dimitri to a grass roots local conference in Silver Springs, Nevada, to be the key note speakers to 200+…