Note to Your Younger Self

This week, my friend Zach Braiker – an old soul if ever there were one – shared this question at Facebook.

Given my own journey these past few months (which I promise to share more of here), my answer came so quickly it startled me: You’re beautiful.

I’ve thought about both the question and my response perhaps hourly since I typed it and hit enter. It is slicing through my days, a reminder of my journey – not backward, but forward. I find myself looking in the mirror and talking not to my younger self, but to the person standing there right now.

So I’m asking you – what are your two words? And how can those two words propel you forward, right here now?



Writing: Creating the Future’s Theory of Change

You all have been part of this journey, encouraging me when the writing was flowing, encouraging me even more when it wasn’t going so well. Well the weeks in front of the computer, writing and re-writing, and then completely re-outlining and re-writing again – that has finally paid off:  One of the biggest, hardest pieces…