Making Real Friends

Rose & WaltThis week marks the 1 year anniversary of the fully revised version of my book, FriendRaising.

To honor that event, I’ll be sharing stories from the book all this week. I hope these stories inspire you to get out there and engage friends for the causes you believe in!

Please note: The stories from FriendRaising – all about Dimitri and my building the first-ever community-wide diaper bank – have been re-posted here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Does Anger Motivate Change?

            What part does anger play in creating change — personal change, organizational change, social change? In a year that I’ve committed to exploring my own anger, this question just keeps arising. And so I blogged about it at Huffington Post. And I’m hoping that leads to your own exploration…

Note to Your Younger Self

This week, my friend Zach Braiker – an old soul if ever there were one – shared this question at Facebook. Given my own journey these past few months (which I promise to share more of here), my answer came so quickly it startled me: You’re beautiful. I’ve thought about both the question and my response perhaps…