Catching up. And horses.

Horses heading to town IMG_0008 Crop &  low resYes, life intervened with my inviting you all along on the journey. In the next few days, that’s probably going to happen again. Autumn is usually like that around here.

So for now, I’ll share a couple of photos from a small piece of the past month – wild horses in northern Nevada. This one at the right is from Virginia City (yes, home of Bonanza, but also home to some incredible community activists seeking to create change).

And I’ll promise that in the next few weeks, I will share more about…

  • Our adventures / work in Nevada (what a time that was!)
  • Our adventures / sight-seeing / hiking in southern Utah (I hesitate to call this R&R, because it was neither resting nor relaxing, but certainly fun)
  • And yes, I promise, a review of what came from my sabbatical, which was itself pretty awesome.

For now, some info about the horses you see below.  And a small peek at the joy we had in discovering them (plus the antelope quietly grazing alongside them) as we drove.

Horses 1 LOW RES


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